We are excited to be able to offer a THATCamp as part of the Engaging with Web Archives for Research in Ireland, EWARIE2020 Conference.

THATCamp EWARIE will take place on Wednesday 15 April 2020, from 9.30am to 5.0pm, at Maynooth University Arts and Humanities Institute, Co. Kildare, Ireland.

THATCamp EWARIE will abide by the EWARIE code of conduct, and the THATCamp anti-harassment policy.


Who should attend?

Anyone with energy and an interest in the humanities and/or technology. THATCamp EWARIE aims at the broadest diversity of backgrounds and skills possible and welcomes students, scholars, librarians, archivists, museum professionals, developers and programmers, teachers, administrators, managers, and funders as well as people from the non-profit sector, people from the for-profit sector, and interested amateurs. The topic “the humanities and technology” contains multitudes.


 Submit a Proposal

We are inviting proposals for discussion/workshops/hackathons on the day, which coincide with the conference theme, Engaging with Web Archives for Research in Ireland:‘Opportunities, Challenges, Potentialities’ (with web archives). 

Proposals for THATCamp EWARIE 2020, should be emailed to ewarieconference[at]gmail[dot]com (c.300 words). Please email your proposal in advance of the event, so we can ensure the availability of the appropriate venue/tools to facilitate a proposal; and ensure we have time to post the proposals on the EWARIE website, so participants have time to read them before the opening session of the event.


Topics may include but are not limited to the following suggestions:

  • Importance of web archives as resources for historical inquiry; and for the preservation of social, cultural, political, economic, and legal heritage;
  • Value of web archives as resources for research and teaching in the Arts, Humanities/DH, Social Sciences, Media Studies (or other fields of research);
  • Irish web histories and internet histories;
  • Methodologies for working with web archives and archived web content for qualitative and quantitative research;
  • Case studies using archived web content;
  • Challenges for researchers in the use of web archives (e.g. search); and challenges for researchers in the use of technology to work with archived web content (e.g. WARCs);
  • Exploring technologies for working with archived web content for quantitative research (e. g. topic modelling, textual/sentiment analysis); and technologies for visualising archived web data;
  • Challenges for creating and maintaining web archives;
  • Opportunities for collaboration in the development of web archive collections;
  • And More……


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